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Graduation gift ideas for friends

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If you want to find memorable presents for the people that meant the most to you during these past four years, check out these graduation gift ideas for friends.

The meaning behind the gift: One of the reasons why you may want to give your friends a gift for graduation is so that they can have something to remember you by when you all go your separate ways. Some of your friends may go off to different colleges or move away to pursue a career, but what remains constant is the little memento you gave them. Giving a graduation gift to your friends is a sentimental thing to do and you probably want it to have a meaning. You want the gift to remind your friend of the special times you shared. The following are meaningful graduation gift ideas for friends.

Capturing a memory: What is the one thing that stands out for you about your friend? Take that memory and make something for him/her.

Remember with pictures:
*    If you have pictures from the memory, place them on a poster board and cut out words and phrases from magazines that represent the memory.
*    Visit a photo-processing center and look at the different types of available collages. You can purchase a collage picture mug or a calendar with a picture of you and your friend for each month.
*    Buy a digital picture keychain and upload pictures onto it.
*    Purchase a digital picture frame. Upload some favorite pictures onto the frame. Your friend can display it somewhere such as a desk or in his/her home.

Bring back feelings with music:
Do you and your friend have certain songs that you would sing in the car or at dances and prom? These songs probably have great significance to your friendship and they should forever remind you and your friend of what you shared.
*    Get the CD with the song or songs and decorate the CD holder. Simply take out the leaflet and go to the craft store to pick up some embellishments and paper.
*    Find a recordable music card. Play the music while you press the record button. Now the card plays the music every time your friend opens it.
*    Buy a photo keychain that has a recorder and play the song while you press the record button.
*    If it's early, start videotaping you and your friend singing and dancing to the song or songs. Tell your friend that you just want something to add to your high school memory box. When you have your footage, make a copy for your friend.

Writing it down:

*    Write down every memory you shared with your friend on a decorative piece of paper from a craft store. Your friend will get a kick out of reading some of the things that he/she may have forgotten. Don't forget to make a copy for yourself!

Gifts for special friends: If you want your graduation gift to tell your friend how much he/she means to you, consider these meaningful gifts.

Best friend award:
*    Have a plaque made with a special quote about friendship and your friend's name.
*    Purchase a trophy with your friend's name on it.
*    Visit the craft store and browse the woodcarvings section Choose one that represents your friend. Paint it and write a special saying on it about how much your friend means to you.

Your appreciation in words:

*    Write your friend a letter about how much you appreciate her/him and put it in a jewelry or memory box.
*    Write a poem or quote, print it on a decorative piece of paper and then frame it.
*    Make a list of all the things you appreciate and like about your friend. You can include this in a card or put it in a frame.

Practical friendship gifts:
If you are looking for a memorable and useful gift, try these suggestions -
*    Pen/pencil set with your friend's name engraved on them
*    Monogrammed glasses/mug/stein
*    Graduation picture frame
*    Graduation or custom made mouse pad
*    Graduation themed paperweight

It's the thought that counts: When deciding what to give your friends for graduation, just remember that it's the thought that counts not how much you spend on them. You may think an inexpensive gift isn't going to mean much but in actuality, it could be one of the best presents your friend has ever received because it came from you.

The writer is a freelance contributor at www.teens.lovetoknow.com

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