Monday, June 18, 2018

Exceptional occasion of joy, by our women

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Through the unprecedented run of success, in the Asia Cup Cricket Tournament, of the Bangladesh team, women's cricket in the country has, no doubt, reached a new echelon today.

With the maiden title win for Bangladesh, Salma and Co have made history by beating, in the final of the tournament, six time champions India who never lost a single Asia Cup match prior to this tournament.

The level of performance put up by our tigresses in the field is worth enough to believe that their passion for cricket and their potentials, despite scores of challenges including a severe monetary crisis and a not-liberal social setup, are the only things that have driven them to the magnificent conquest.

From the cricketing point of view, it is of course a grand success which will be serving as an injection of confidence for our women cricketers, to make them more confident and focused, prior to the World T20 Qualifiers going to be held in July in Netherlands. 

But it is not a success to be merely looked through the spectacles of professionalism. Rather than that, women's success, even before the men's team who with all modern facilities are yet to achieve one, has pointed out that cricket in Bangladesh is not, and should not be, an all-male affair. Definitely, it will draw more girls to take to cricket across Bangladesh after
witnessing such a performance of real promise.

Their performance has showed, throughout the week of the tournament, that they really deserve much more attention of Bangladesh Cricket Board than they are currently paid to. Literally, they have voiced, through their on-field battle against oppositions, against the scanty facilities during their training sessions and playing in the matches.

They need an enhancement in their current salary structure which is so poor that cannot be even compared to that of the men's. They should be recognized and taken care of separately.

We also salute those brave parents who had to swim against the stream to encourage their girls to take cricket as a profession and showed great patience in supporting them.

Let this success be taken as an opportunity to bring about great reforms in women cricket and our social perception as well. But before all that, our women have brought us an occasion for early Eid celebration. Let us enjoy it. Cheers!

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