Sunday, June 24, 2018

How much lower can Trump go?

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How much lower can the leader of a country go? US President Donald Trump has just launched a personal attack on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling him mild and weak. When it initially appeared that the US had agreed to sign a joint communiqué with the other member-states of the G-7 group, a palpable sigh of cautious relief was heard around the world. But then re-emerged the real Trump.

On his flight to Singapore for his projected summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, the US President dropped the bombshell that he had instructed his team not to sign the G-7 joint communiqué. It was an unprecedented move, with no earlier record of any political leader of a powerful nation ever making a public promise and then swiftly going back on it.

It is now obvious that for Donald Trump, the rest of the world is the enemy and that America can go it alone in everything the present occupant of the White House wishes to. One is aware of all the carefully patched international deals he has pulled the United States out of.

His trade war with America's allies has already shocked Washington's long-time friends, to a point where Trudeau was compelled to state that Canada would not be pushed around.

We have said before, like so many other media outlets around the world, that Donald Trump is turning everything of decent note and ethical importance on its head. His latest outburst, and that too of a shockingly personal nature, against the Canadian Prime Minister is revealing of the low levels to which the American presidency has been reduced on his watch.

If this shooting from the mouth goes on from Trump, if he cannot manage to earn the respect of intellectually powerful global leaders like Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Shinzo Abe, it will be a tragedy for Americans across the board.

The tragedy for the world is that, unless the Mueller inquiries bring him down, Trump will remain President until January 2021. By that time, the damage he will have caused his country and the rest of the world will be immeasurable.

The world's amazement at the doings of the Trump presidency is compounded by the fact that it is not merely the question of a single individual, in this case Trump, who is tearing into shreds every nuance and every subtlety of politics.

The team he has around him is like him and panders to his every whim. John Bolton is a darkly shining example of an administration that knows neither the norms of diplomacy and politics nor the principles of ethical and decent behavior. That is a pity.

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