Monday, June 18, 2018

Khaleda Zia's health question

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One of the doctors who checked Begum Khaleda Zia's health a few days ago has made it known that she is not in a happy situation. Reports that she has been ill in prison and that at one point she lost consciousness are certainly worrying.

An encouraging bit of news here is that the government has agreed that she will be provided with treatment and as reports go, she will be undergoing tests in hospital. We expect the authorities to do everything possible that will restore the former prime minister back to good health.

On the subject of Begum Zia's illness, it will do everyone a whole lot of good to remain away from the temptation to engage in politics. One ought not to fall prey to the unwelcome job of trading barbs on political issues. Neither should one bring up, at this stage, the question of the legalities which have placed the BNP chairperson in the situation she is in today.

What should matter, as a matter of ethics, is for people in both the ruling Awami League and the BNP to stay away from flailing away at one another. Nothing is more important than the health of an individual, be that person a public personality or a common citizen.

The government, being responsible for ensuring the welfare of the former prime minister, should leave no stone unturned to ensure that Begum Zia is given all the facilities she needs for her treatment. It is a matter that must not be taken lightly, given that the former prime minister is in advanced age and has in the last few years not been in good health.

It will particularly be the Home Ministry's responsibility to reassure everyone --- her party people, her family and citizens --- that she is being taken proper care of. If she has suffered a mild stroke, and we have no reason to question the doctor who released this information, the authorities should be concerned.

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