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Life then and now…

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Change is a concept related to things both in concrete form and abstract in nature. In this world, things are not indestructible. After a short period or at the end of life, everything in this world, including mankind, gets vanished or destroyed. Again, new things are formed or generated afresh.

This is a continuous process through which we see some changes. These changes take place in different ways. We may mention two prominent factors; one is natural and the other is artificial.

In artificial format, we see different types of changes, namely -- physical changes, chemical changes, analytical changes, synthetical changes, reformative changes and evolutionary changes etc. Again changes refer to shifting of one thing to another, one pattern to the other, and one step to another.

So the shift directs the motion of all things in the world. Again a change is a concept towards modernism. And in consideration of time, most probably, we are passing through the modern times.

In this modern world, we are always facing competition in each way, and everything is changing and going on very fast. Every country is in the race of development. Modernism started in the 19th century. We all are living in the modern age. But could modernism in true sense touch us or touch our country?

The answer would be yes, our country is in the line of modernism. Day by day our Bangladesh is changing. We are getting new things, new ideas, and we are also sharing with world people the concept of development like ICT. Even we are exchanging and contributing our resources in talent hunt around the world. After 1947 partition, only our divisional towns were under the purview of development privileges.

Then in the fifties, sixties and seventies, twenty district headquarters could enjoy the modern development facilities. After independence of Bangladesh, 64 district headquarters came under the umbrella of development in the seventies, eighties and nineties. After that, almost all the upazilas and thanas came under the umbrella of development in the first decade of the 21st century. 

If we look to the past, particularly in the decade of sixties when I was merely a boy, our villages were under darkness even at day time. It seemed dark because there were big trees, deep jungles, bushy lands here and there. In my boyhood, I dared to walk through the pathway of ponds, ditches and cannels.

Because the pond and cannel sides were full of bushy plants and grasses. I remember a day when I was passing through bushy places. I happened to see hundreds of foxes and monkeys are moving in my pathway.

I was frightened and shouting with high voices for my rescue. And that time there was a communication problem; there was no transport and no good road. In rainy season, people were confined to their own houses.

During the rainy season, people even could not move from one house to another without the help of boat. When the rainy season was over or at the early stage of rainy season people had to walk miles after miles from one place to another on foot.

Because at the time, there were no broad highways or carpeted road. So people had to suffer beyond measure. After a long walk, people would become physically exhausted. In that situation people did not have plenty of food and nutritious food as well.

The babies and children were deprived of getting nutrition and vitamins. So, they could not grow up with a fit body. Many of them were poor and ill-fated like one of characters - Asmani - portrayed by Jasim Uddin. At that time, the village people could not communicate with persons who were living far within the country or abroad.

But today? The developmental waves are flowing through every place. If one is just out of one's doors one can see many stationary shops, mobile shops, mobile servicing centers and so on. One can easily load and unload their commodities from vehicles. One can easily export and import their valuable items within a few hours and people can easily move to workplaces, markets and relative's house.

Businessmen can carry on their business, farmers can do their job, and students can easily go to their schools and colleges. Now villages are no longer rural, they are almost near to urban. At present village people are very smart, they speak smartly.

Village people are no longer 'rustic'. Rather they are stylish and fashionable. In our time, we were used to wearing lungi, fotua and napkin in the neck. Now the village people wear polished punjabi, pants, shirt etc. Boys and girls wear pants and modern T-shirts. There are drastic changes in man's behavior.

There are changes in lifestyles. Even there are changes in the conditions of roads, markets and schools. There are also changes in all cultural and social festivals. At present, there are changes in sports too. Now village people, like urban people, enjoy all the facilities.

But all these facilities have also come with scores of problems for human survival. We are filling up canals, ponds and ditches, and frequent waterlogging is making people victims to manmade flood.

Nature is severely hurt and therefore avenging us. Therefore, we must be careful and tactful at the same time to enjoy changes in our life so that troubles accompanied with these can be tackled effectively.

The writer is a columnist

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