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Of an ambidextrous US establishment - II

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o consider the role of narcissism in Donald Trump's life is to go beyond the dispositional traits of the social actor-beyond the high extroversion and low agreeableness, beyond his personal schemata for decision making-to try to figure out what motivates the man. What does Donald Trump really want? What are his most valued life goals? Narcissus wanted, more than anything else, to love himself.

People with strong narcissistic needs want to love themselves, and they desperately want others to love them too-or at least admire them, see them as brilliant and powerful and beautiful, even just see them, period. The fundamental life goal is to promote the greatness of the self, for all to see. "I'm the king of Palm Beach," Trump once told the journalist Timothy O'Brien.

Trump's persona as a warrior may inspire some Americans to believe that he will indeed be able to make America great again. But his narrative seems thematically underdeveloped compared with those lived and projected by previous presidents, and by his competitors.

Although his candidacy never caught fire, Marco Rubio told an inspiring story of upward mobility in the context of immigration and ethnic pluralism. Ted Cruz boasts his own Horatio Alger narrative, ideologically grounded in a profoundly conservative vision for America. The story of Hillary Clinton's life journey, from Goldwater girl to secretary of state, speaks to women's progress-her election as president would be historic.

 Bernie Sanders channels a narrative of progressive liberal politics that Democrats trace back to the 1960s, reflected both in his biography and in his policy positions. To be sure, all of these candidates are fighters who want to win, and all want to make America great again destroying the lot of people of other nations of the world.

Who, really, is Donald Trump? What's behind the actor's mask? I can discern little more than narcissistic motivations and a complementary personal narrative about winning at any cost. It is as if Trump has invested so much of himself in developing and refining his socially dominant role that he has nothing left over to create a meaningful story for his life, or for the nation. It is always Donald Trump playing Donald Trump, fighting to win, but never knowing why.

John Kiriakou, a former CIA counterterrorism officer has written an article of immense signification about CIA titled, "All set for War Against Iran" which has appeared at Sri Lanka Guardian and any one can read to better understand  about the  world's most disdainful American outfit CIA and the American administration.  War means bloodbath, because war is organized murder and torture against our brothers.

Dale Turner says, "Today the real test of America's power and wisdom is not our capacity to make war but our capacity to prevent it."  Everyone has a reason to oppose and be outraged by any war. Benjamin Harrison has correctly said, "We, Americans, have no commission from God to police the world."

 In fact, we want peace everywhere in the world, not war. And it is possible if America does not and will not meddle into the internal affairs of other independent and sovereign nations. Only then, we shall be able to see a beautiful and peaceful world. Trump has now been making preparations to wage a war against Iran. 

This is very outrageous. "The fallout of the U.S. going back on our word will reverberate far beyond just Iran. It will hurt our relationship with our European allies, on whom we rely as critical partners in nearly every aspect of international relations," said Merkley, who explained that at an absolutely crucial moment, it could torpedo efforts to secure international collaboration to end North Korea's nuclear program. Why would international partners work with us to impose sanctions on North Korea to bring them to the negotiating table, and why would North Korea come, if they know the United States does not live up to its word?

Trump got the three American citizens, Kim Dong-chul, Kim Sang-duk and Kim Hak-song released from the prison of North Korea. Wait and see that a full-proof deceitful character persona as he is, Donald would use them against the North Korea leader Kim at an opportune moment to attain his so-called enshrouded agenda or docket.
The bare fact is that America goes abroad to destroy people of other independent and sovereign states. She is not the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all other than its own country.  But American administration will have to abandon its long standing policies to act as a village headman to dictate the whole world according to its own dangerous free-will.

During our Liberation War in 1971 and after Bangladesh was established, we suffered heavily because of its ill-politics. From Vietnam to Cambodia to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Syria to Palestine… suffered because of America. It has remained unstoppable for their grave misdeeds for more than seven decades after the World War II.

The war causes deaths. It also causes epidemics, diseases, famines, atrocities, genocide, etc. It is true that the Pentagon is killing far more civilians than it acknowledges. The policies of the world leaders are decisive here to press upon the American administration to be humanistic toward other nations of the world.  America must be stopped from attacking Iran or North Korea or any other countries by any means.

The world is for living for all, not to destroy it. Russia and China can play a greater role of effectuality in this intuitive understanding of something.  In short, Donald Trump and the American administration are Janus-faced and their empire is built on full of lies and deceitfulness only to destroy other independent and sovereign states. So, be cautious! And we should fling him under any circumstances.

The writer prefers to be known as a most ordinary senior
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