Wednesday, April 25, 2018

DMP Commissioner makes a valid point

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The comment made by the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner regarding the recent attack on the residence of the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University makes good sense. He has stated what many people have suspected all along --- that the attack was a work of professionals.

In other words, the manner in which the vandalism was carried out, with the windows of the house getting smashed, the CCTV cameras getting broken and then carried away and the vehicles parked in the compounds of the residence coming under attack --- is a broad hint of the crime being the work of people who have been trained to carry out such wanton destruction of property. We are happy that the DMP Commissioner has vowed to find the elements behind the attack and bring them to book. The sooner these criminals are nabbed and brought to justice, the better for all of us.

Indeed, from the looks of the situation arising out of the attack on the VC's residence, when the VC and his family were pushed into a terrifying situation and feared for their lives, it is clear that the students' movement on the quota issue had a number of saboteurs coming into it. The nation has observed the manner in which the students' movement has been going on. Nothing was there in the protest demonstrations to suggest that the students were in a militant mood or were ready to indulge in vandalism in order to press their points.

In fact, we must record our appreciation that, except for creating impediments in the way of citizens' movements by blocking off roads, the student community remained focused on advancing its cause through logical means. It is therefore unreasonable and unfair to believe that there could be among this large body of students some of their own who would be armed with rods, hockey sticks and other means of violence that could jeopardize their movement.

In a society with a long history of agent provocateurs trying to infiltrate popular movements in order to undermine, indeed defame them and their leading lights, it is not unreasonable to suppose that these men, masked and therefore afraid to reveal their sinister visage, were people who were there to cause grievous harm not only to the anti-quota movement but also the family of the DU Vice Chancellor. For all one knows, their dark goal may indeed have been to leave a scene of bloody havoc at the VC's residence.

The police force must be put into concerted action to ferret out these elements who went on the rampage at the VC's home. Finding these criminals is necessary, for unless they are caught and punished, a time may come when crimes of a much more serious nature may be committed not only to undermine popular causes but also to leave the nation in a state of unmitigated grief.

We will wait for the DMP Commissioner and his force to enlighten us on the progress they make in their search for the masked criminals who have left all of us properly worried by this demonstration of professional criminality.

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