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Tale of one Duniyadari

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With multifaceted talent as he was born, he never had the privilege to attend any school for his education and upbringing in childhood. Born a posthumous child after the death of his father, he lost his mother too in a very childhood days. Largely with a poverty stricken ancestry, his nany (maternal grandmother) reared him up with her all unfettered love and affection. A motherless child as resonated in Donna Summer's scintillating song "I feel like a motherless child....." he won the heart and soul of his nany who saw a world in entirety in him.

The world of nany revolved around him in thoughts and imaginations, in conscious and dreams. Out of unalloyed affection and love, nany gave him a fond name Duniyadari apart from being garbed in a cosmetic name Sekandar. In Duniyadari, nany's entire world swirled and spinned in her dreams and imagination the way the planet earth spins in its own axis causing day and night. In Sekandar, nany equally imagined a mighty king Sekandar or Alexander the Great who conquered the large portion of the planet earth in his short span of life.

As a son of nature, engulfed in all curses of poverty, Duniyadari grew up a stubborn boy with the pace and rhythm how nature behaves in the planet earth. Romping and running up and down together with other bullies of his neighborhood, he learned all the intricacies of life for survival. Nature was his educator and surroundings were his teachers from where he earned adequate native wisdom. He got it by heart from nature all the trick that was needed for men's survival on earth on all difficulties.

At the passage of time Duniyadari stepped in the threshold of youth as a mixed complexion lean and lanky young man with a forest of thick unkempt hairs on his head. His most favorite movie in his days was Baiju Bawra starring Bharat Bhusan and Meena Kumari featuring a love story ending in tragedy. Duniyadari sported a long scruffy hair alike Baiju in film Baiju Bawra. People in the locality would fondly call him Baiju Bawara.

He would feel complacent and smiled in response at the good gesture of the people who often would sing film Baiju Bawara's melodious song "tu ganga ki mouz mei jamuna ka dhara…to please him. His days were passing in mirth and merriment like least demanding street bullies of those days amid gripping poverty till such time his nany passed away in his youthful days leaving him in the sea of grief and deep anguish.

As a stubborn young man he accepted the challenges of life despite he found no ground beneath his feet to have a smooth sailing in life after passing away of his nany. He worked in a furniture shop as an apprentice carpenter and ultimately graduated to a professional carpenter of fame & repute.

His wood curving skill was amazing. He did not occupy himself only in carpentering world. Rather he mindfully grasped every nuance of other vocational works like masonry, decoration, gardening, cooking and what not on which he could lay his hands for earning mastery over. He became prominent in his locality and beyond in his graduated cosmetic name Sekandar Mistry into his fond name Duniyadari.

In the garb of Sekandar, gradually, Duniyadari sank in the deluge of oblivion except to those who knew him as Duniyadari from his childhood. His nanny's given name Duniyadari was not to be lost and he would cheerfully respond to it in smiles when anybody close to him would call him in that name in lilting tone with equal compassion. He moved on with adequate courage and perseverance in his struggle for existence to earn his bread out of hard work shedding sweet and toil. He kept smiling at his people even in deep agony. A highly sought after man to the people for his being in the garb of multi facade talent, his presence was ubiquitous.

After coming of his age, presumably with romantic outfit he tried to attract girls by his love song and Baiju Bawra' tonsorial but failed to win over the heart of any damsel because the girls knew that Baiju and Gory's pristine love in Baiju Bawra sank in the deep waters of Ganga in a fateful evening of a tempest where while Baju was attempting to rescue Gory from the whirlpool effect of rolling waters of Ganga, both Baiju and Gory were sunk in water in deep embrace of love to each other at the time when the movie came to a tragic end with leaving the viewers in deep somber and tears.

Baiju now turned Sekander Misty for all intents and purposes would have an arranged marriage by selecting a girl from the locality. A hard working man, basically a carpenter and wood carver but nevertheless equally skilled in other vocational profession, Duniyadari alias Sekandar had a happy family gradually enlarged having gifted with a couple of children making a special world of his own.

By his hard work he would earn his livelihood and rear up the children with warmth radiating from his heart filled in the nectar of love and kindness for his children. To tell every success stories of his children in academic and other field he would boast the story to his known world in deep ecstasy. His life, immersed in hard work, was bubbling in all joy and happiness. With children grown up it was now time for him to savor the beauty of life with little affluence by the added earnings of his progeny.

But alas! his joy and happiness that glimpsed like an elusive golden deer right on way to touch him suddenly receded and took a sharp U-turn at the state of situation, when he secretly went for second marriage, centering on which unhappiness would engulf him and his family like towering inferno set ablaze to devastate all his life time achievements in the struggle for existence.

A sharp distance created between his family and him who gradually widened the crack wider and wider beyond repair. He was totally disowned by the members of his family and consigned to an alley to live with his newly married wife. With still left with some fuels of manhood and fecundity he moved on to make family life anew with new wife by whom he had few more children as well over the years to fill in the gap.

With a new wife and a couple of young children cuddling in his shoulders, he had his paradise gain from being in the situation of paradise lost as he looks back with long sigh. At the passage of time he grew old with ageing in process. His young children by a new wife grew up as well while other children by the first wife attained manhood and womanhood respectively gifted with children of their own.

His energy and stamina for hard work gradually diminished. He is no more capable for running the saw in his manual speed nor does he well for anymore to curve the wood with chisel and hammer with his diminished physical strength. With dimming vision problem he wears an improvised powerful glass on top of his nose and hangs around, totally shattered, here and there without direction.

All of his children turned their faces from him for whom he once gave best of his everything. Children have unending allegations against him, who is now an octogenarian with his inborn idiosyncrasy just hanging around with a poor and rickety health condition; forgetting about that this man once showed them the light of the world and reared them up with livelihood earned by bone breaking hard labor.

He was the men who cuddled them once on his shoulders to give them the best of comfort and joy of life with unwavering love and affection. Strange destiny has brought him to the present situation to witness how cruel the reality of life is. How difficult it is to bear the brunt of excruciating pain and agony of loneliness when his own posterity turns their faces from him.

This is the story of one Duniyadari whose alike having turned already hated burdens of their posterity in different twists and turns of lie whimper in myriad silence across the world where love, affection, compassion and kindness is dwindling swiftly and replaced by the abysmal burden of materialistic feelings and outlooks towards life. Better we watch steps now.

The writer is a former civil servant

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