Sunday, March 18, 2018

New books published at Ekushey Book Fair

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Raai Kuriye Bel

Is a short story collection of eminent litterateur Hasan Azizul Huq. It has eight different stories. Each story has some individuals to say. Story line-up, portrayal and making simplicity will attract every level's reader. This fantastic publication is from Ittadi Grantha Prakash and cover design by Dewan Atikur Rahaman. Price BDT - 200 only.

Glory and Despair

The Politics of Tajuddin Ahmad
An illustration of a great political leader by eminent journalist Syed Badrul Ahsan. The book unveils Tajuddin Ahmad's life, works, political vision and philosophy. Such informative collection is published by Shrabon Prokashoni cover design by Dewan Atikur Rahman Price BDT - 700 only.


From the banner of Somoy Prokashon, a Science Fiction is published, written by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal. Tratina is a wonderful character of the book. In every step of the fiction there are mystery, riddle and enigma and the story runs forward. To know reality we have to read this superb book. Cover design by Dhruba Ash. Price BDT -260 only.

Aloadharer jatri
An outstanding historical novel by eminent author Anisul Hoque. The book tells about the tales of historic movement of sixties. And has many attachments with his previous political-historic books. On its vast canvas the author unveils the sharp political steps of Bangladesh Awami League, which has taken in sixties situation. Along these there Anisul Hoque puts some unknown political crisis and life struggles of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Such a wonderful novel is published by Prothoma and cover design by Sabyasachi Hazra. Price BDT - 480 only.

Shirdara Bashir Kabi
A collection of Vladimir Mayakovsky's poetry, translated by Aditi Falguni. This renowned poet always told about mankind and humanity through his poetry, which are included in this collection. The book is published by Kabi Prokashoni and cover design by Mostafiz Karigar. Price BDT - 150 only.


A collection of four individual novels by Zakir Talukder. Severally the novels tell some different background's tales through an unique way of storytelling. The book is published by Puthiniloy and cover design by Mamun Hossain. Price BDT - 550 only.

Joladhare Srotoswini
A collection of ten short stories by young promising writer Imran Khan. Contemporary realities of the society, people's struggle and their need, demand and desire are illustrated very sharply here. The book is published by Dhrubapada and cover design by Dewan Atikur Rahaman. Price BDT - 256 only.

Boro Shaharer Chhoto Galpa
Contemporary urban life, various calamities and hypocrisy among here, yelling inside the urban life are focused in this short stories collection by Moshahida Sultana Ritu. The book is published by Agamee Prakashani. Price BDT - 255 BDT.

Matal Purnosnan
A fantastic collection of poetry by Golam Morshed Chandan. Nowadays we are getting mechanized due to life struggle. And from here our inner cravings try to find the real peace in life, soul and cognition, which the rhymer unveils in his poetry. Such a wonderful book is published by Banglalipi.

A novel by young promising author Benoy Dutta, based on the 60's background - crucial times of the partition, life struggle, unstable condition, helplessness, hurly-burly, riot and babel situation is the focal point of the novel. Along with this; terrible hardship of Aniket, his love and his family's grapple on that baleful period is also depicted individually. The novel is published by Puthiniloy and cover design by Sarajat Souma. Price BDT - 180 only.

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