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Privacy for all sections of society

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Privacy is an important constituent of societies from all across the globe. It might be a legal tradition for people of all professions and of different academic disciplines. The purpose behind maintaining privacy is manifold but still it sounds relevant so as to maintain the sanctity of societies as well as that of human beings. Contrarily if privacy is not maintained then the entire systems become topsy-turvy and bewildered. As the modern age becomes so complex oriented that is why privacy has attained its top priority.

Even in corporate world in order to attain some wonders in the business then also privacy has to be made with other colleagues and departments concerned. Otherwise the entire exercise will turn boomerang. That is why in different phases of our life we keep on emphasizing deeply upon the art of privacy. Apart from corporate affairs privacy is also deeply relevant on various professional, trading and familial matters of vital importance.

If privacy is not maintained then there arise the necessities of personality and professional clashes thereby dislodging our lifestyles from our lifestyles. So for the benefit of many of my elite readers of Dhaka, other cities of Bangladesh as well as that of India let me state in details what actually is meant by the term 'Privacy'.

Thus the said term is referred to as the ability of an individual or team members from divulging any vital members to opponent groups for the benefit of individuals or team as a whole. Even if days passes off like thrift of current we find that privacy is gaining importance in order to instill professionalism in the mind of citizens not only of India but also of Bangladesh, Pakistan, other South Asian nations as well as in other parts of the globe.

Logic behind initiating privacy  in today's world Privacy in the modern era has gained tremendous importance in order to protect professionalism in different fields of activities concerned as well as to protect humanities from imminent danger. Primarily in the government circle, meaning in political one we find that ruling party always maintain strict privacy with their fellow personnel as well with immediate opponents in order to maintain calmness and tranquility.

In familial circle one member of family always maintain strict privacy in order to maintain peace and tranquility with other family members for personal safety as well as that of familial ones. In private corporate bodies of the world as well as in India and other South Asian nations we find that attainment of privacy has gained widespread relevance.

Judging by the above hypothesis we deeply value the importance of privacy in today's scenarios. However importance of privacy in India, Bangladesh and other South Asian nations is beyond our imagination. This indicates clearly that we cannot ignore the art of privacy in our professional and familial lives at all.

Advantages of privacy: There are various advantages associated with the art of privacy. Some of the common ones are stated as follow: It is advantageous in every phase of our lives. It is helpful in the maintenance of purity in all fields of activities. For professional ways of corporate functioning we find that privacy carries great advantage.

Those strictly adhering to the art of privacy are always well appreciated by others in the societies. In corporate circles strict adherence to privacy leads the particular corporate groups towards pinnacle of glory and success for future prospect. Those maintaining privacy are doing great thing to maintain peace and calmness. Views of counseling psychologists in order to protect privacy in today's world:

In today's universe especially in India we that counseling psychologists play pivotal roles to emphasize upon societies to maintain privacy in its highest keel. India is a vast nation with people of different religions and languages dwell in her different regions amidst the spirit of friendship and fraternities concerned.

Literacy rates have not risen up to the desired expectations thereby mental grooming of the citizens are not up to the mark. Same scenarios are noticeable partly in Bangladesh and other countries of South Asian continent. Interesting point to be noticed is that modern generation Bangladesh nationals are gradually developing the art of privacy towards utter perfection and professionalism. India despite improvement in the art of privacy should revamp more in this regard. It needs strong determination and willpower. But still without any trace of doubt all Indians must develop the art of privacy without any trace of doubt among us.

The writer is based in Kolkata

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