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Hasina and Suu Kyi: Peace versus conflict

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It's been now nearly four weeks that the current human crisis started in Rakhine state in Myanmar spilling into Bangladesh. The ' ethnic cleansing ' as described by the
Hasina and Suu Kyi: Peace versus conflict

Discipline during air travel

| By and Sujayendra Das
Air travel in India has become a regular affair. The purpose is not of luxury but rather it saves one's valuable time from professional and non-professional activities concerned. Also the
Discipline during air travel

For America, an unedifying moment

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It was un-presidential in every sense of the meaning. Never before has an American President so threatened the world in the august chamber of the United Nations General Assembly.

She slips, trips and falls

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Rare has it been in the history of the world that famous people or well-known people have had their reputations smeared by their later negative behaviour. Aung San Suu

Myanmar government's great success on human plight!

| By and Faruque Hasan
In the latest bout, the Myanmar government has achieved a great success in its long-term endeavor to making the country free of Rohingya ethnic minority. Rohingyas are at
Myanmar government's great success on human plight!

Rohingya: A reminder of Palestinian tragedy

| By and Mustapha Karkouti
At last the United Nations head has spoken and sent out a warning to the Nobel laureate and Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, to halt

The disappointing speech of Suu Kyi

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After three weeks of ethnic cleansing, mass murders, atrocities and all nature of civil rights' abuses against the Rohingya people of Myanmar - a chapter that has seen

Independence referendum in Kurdistan

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Iraqi Kurdistan's decision to go ahead with a proposed independence referendum, despite strong opposition both from within and outside Iraq, has created a regional political storm in West

Unemployment problem needs efficient tackling

| By and M Munir Hossain
That the national economy at the macro level has been good and that it has been growing at seven percent rate for the last couple of years after
Unemployment problem  needs efficient tackling

Declining trend in remittance inflow must stop to prevent BOP crisis

| By and Dr Jasim Uddin Ahmad
Bangladesh emerged as a trade-depended country in terms of growing trend of both export earnings and import payments. During the fiscal year 2015-16 most external sector indicators exhibited

Gridlock on Aricha ferry route again

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Daulatdiya-Paturia ferryghats (or Aricha ferry terminal) -- which essentially work as the chief gateway to the capital for 21 south-western districts -- have almost come to a halt

Tourism sector needs serious attention

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It is unfortunate that despite having all necessary resources, both cultural and natural, Bangladesh's potential tourism sector is yet to be flourished to an expected level. But more

Sea sorrow, the Rohingya refugee crisis

| By and Anwar A Khan
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has wonderfully dropped a line, "Every person who comes is a human being and has the right to be treated as such", but where

Big ideas to shape BIMSTEC's future

| By and Prabir De
This year (2017) marks the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC). BIMSTEC was established to expand

Much needed moves to stabilizing rice market

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That the government has made a move, even though a delayed one, to intervene into the soaring price of the coarse rice in local market by selling the

Another step toward digital Bangladesh

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Bangladesh has reached a new height in Internet communication and services as the government commercially inaugurated the second submarine cable with 1500-gigabit per second (Gbps) bandwidth capacity.   Prime

Human fate in 20th and 21st centuries

| By and Monaem Sarker
In 20th-Century the term fascist was first applied to a political movement combining ultra nationalism with hostility both to the left and to established conservatism by Mussolini in
Human fate in 20th and  21st centuries

Death of a journalist

| By and Nandana Reddy
We live in treacherous times. The insidious stench of fear and violence threatens to permeate the very core of our being. We are browbeaten into silence, our citizenship
Death of a journalist

The world must handle Myanmar firmly

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UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has been playing  a clear, well-appreciated role in the matter of the Rohingya crisis. In his latest remarks on the issue, he has

The beauty of democracy

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The beauty of democracy is that one can discuss everything under the sun without fear of any sword dropping down on the neck. And, as the Nobel laureate

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